Introduction: Gaming to Win

Hey there, I’m Jammy. I want to do self-coaching to help everyone improve at gaming!


Hey there, I’m Jammy. I love to play competitive video games and constantly strive to improve at them. Essentially, this blog is to formulate my thoughts on gaming and improving oneself in any video game. Think of it as me coaching myself. Thus, I will be talking about my experience in different games such as League of Legends and Overwatch.

There will likely be posts discussing my thoughts on pro play and some commentary on  Video On Demand (VOD) reviews that I post to my Youtube.

I certainly hope that this also helps others improve on their play. My ultimate goal is to see a better competitive gaming community that understand how to be self-critical.

But with my goals out of the way, let’s get down to my first piece of advice

  1. Wanting to improve

Everyone needs a start, some motivation. Many players game casually for fun, but some players seek to be the best at some division of games. To move from casual to competitive, you need to have a goal in mind. Why would you want to be good at video games?

Honestly, to be a better human being. Plenty of people playing competitive games are incredibly hurtful online-bullies, or toxic. But commonly these people don’t seem to be open to improving, thinking they are the best and complaining to outside reasons for their loses (ex. “my team sucks”). They will never get out of their skill level. You need to love failure. Once you start thinking what you did wrong and how you can improve for next time, becoming introspective in your faults, you can improve at almost anything. No more excuses.